After a long trek, you find yourself at the opening to a cozy little burrow where a meerkat greets you...

WELCOME to my own little home on the World Wide Web!

Please!! Do come in and get comfy, it's a lot brighter in here than you'd expect from a hole in the internet!
There's plenty to see and always more on the way, so scroll down a bit more and explore the many tunnels in my humble burrow!

Just mind the unicorns! They're everywhere!

The Tunnels

About the Webmistress
So who IS that meerkat running around here..?

My Fursona and Her Fursuit
Wondering what she looks like, for that matter??

Real Life Pets
Don't mind the rats, they live here too!

The Chambers

The Fantasy Grotto
Have you ever wanted to gallop with unicorns? Sing with centaurs? Fly with hippogrpyhs?

The Cyberpet Refuge
Cuddly little refugees from all corners of the net!

My Web Shrines
So many candles burning underground CAN'T be good for you...

My Collections
Hoards of trinkets and doodads, both real life and digital!!

My Recipes
Wait, did you really think I only ate bugs!?

The Burrow Entrance

Site Map
Getting a little lost in here? Me too...

My Web-Diary
Last Entry: May 20, 2023
View my private thoughts & see what I've been up to!

Web Rings
Continue on with your journey!
Visit again sometime!

Cool Links
Wanna check out some eother cool sites??

Awards & Trophies
And this is where I put some trophies!

Got something nice to say? Or maybe not so much?

E-Mail Me
Maybe you wanna say something more privately?

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