I've been playing Neopets off and on for almost 20 years!! Wow!!!

Neopets is an online browser based game where you create, adopt, take care of, and play with virtual pets called... Neopets!!!
There is lots to do on Neopets.com, more than you could really guess, and this set of pages is dedicated to both my love for Neopets!

My Personal Neopets Pages

My NeoPets My Screenies Lab Ray Logs

Cool & Helpful Links

Kalux Link Directory

Kalux provides an easy, accessible collection of Neopia's wonderful sites and resources, whether you're seeking a petpage layout, Altador Cup font, or anything in between.


Scarab, previously Behind the Layout Tutorials, is a place for you to learn how to code.
You can follow the layout walkthroughs, look into a specific issue, or read up on a general topic


CSS Guide is a sort of code "part shop".
The purpose of this guide is not to detail every aspect of css coding, but to provide you with the bits and pieces necessary to make your own codes better.

The Lost and Pound

A list of Neopets stuck in the pound because they cannot be seen when you click 'View More Neopets'.

Zapping Your Dream Pets

ZYDP maintains this public wishlist. They use their lab rays to zap Neopets, and then they adopt out the pet to someone who wished for a pet with that color/species combination.

(UFA & Dream Pets)

Neopians post their up for adoption and dream pets on the board (or send a Neomail) and they are added here, as written, in chronological order, with the latest at the top of the page.

The UC Dream Directory

This is an UC Dream Directory, where everyone can add their UC Dreampets and UC Dreampetpets. You can also list your UFA UCs.

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