Hi, I'm Shwinty!! I debuted at Indy Furcon 2022!!

She was made by Clown Car Critters and is my first fursuit!! She's just a mini partial, but I do plan on having more added on like sleeves!
Please look through my gallery for more fursuit fun!

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This is the first picture take of me at IFC 2022! The theme that year was broadway! A pic of me and Fiona Maray at IFC 2022! I've always really liked her suit, she's so tall I had to stand on my toes! Look at all the badges I had at MFF 2022!! This con was a lot of fun!!
The fountain at MFF is one of my favorite things to see every year, I love the christmas lights! (2022) Another picture at the fountain! The Christmas trees are just so pretty at night (2022)

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