I have a lot of pets, though most of them are rodents!
I started keeping rats in July of 2020 and have always had a small group ever since then.
Here you'll find photos and mini-bios for each and every one I've had the pleasure of caring for!


Duck is the first and really only cat I've ever had, he was born in 2017 and found as a stray when he was only a month old at my parents house in a rural area.

He's super soft and fluffy and one of the most vocal cats I've ever met,
he also tends to lick people a LOT!


Egg & Gilbert are brothers that were rehomed when their mother's living situation changed sudenly in 2021, she was worried sick about them and still gets occasional updates to this day! Gilbert is an overweight and very snuggly champagne dumbo and egg has always been on the smaller and more playful side. They love pumpkin seeds and oatmeal! They just turned 2 in April 2023.
Baby GemGem was born in November 2022 and adopted from my local shelter, which I didn't know took rats! He was the last one left of his siblings and the only rat I've adopted alone, he was so tiny that I had to keep him seperated from the rest of my boys for almost a month.

He's extremely snuggly and his favorite thing in the world is sleeping in my jacket sleeves!

These boys were adopted from a man on facebook who fell in love with a pregnant feeder and were born on February 15th, 2022!

So... Val & Tino!

They're a little skittish but super friendly and love to play wrestle with hands and cat toys. They feel like a squishy bricks, they're so chunky!

Durban was one of my first rats and my most beloved... yes, I know I shouldn't pick favorites! He was born sometime late 2019 or early 2020, adopted by me from EARPS in July of 2020, and passed after a long battle with a pituitary tumor in June 2022. He loved his cookies and pineapple hammock!
My little Durbie-Do is sorely missed every day...
Arequipa, otherwise known as Quip, was Durban's sister and adopted from EARPS at the same time (all the rats from that rescue are spayed & neutered). She was feisty and loved chewing up anything in her way, whether it was hammocks or cage trays! She passed suddenly in 2022, Durban missed her very much and so did I.
I hope they're together again.
Gunther was adopted alongside Durban and Quip!
He was the one I asked for by name, the others were adopted because they got along with him so well. He was very skittish, probably an ex-feeder, and a bit older than his cagemates. His favorite treat was unsweetened applesauce. He passed about a month before Quip.


Jersey Devil & Fresno Night Crawler were born in October of 2020
and adopted as kittens from a college student's accidental litter.
They never enjoyed being handled and eventually had to be
housed on their own (but together) due to aggression, but I loved
them all the same.

They loved oatmeal and their favorite thing to do was shred cardboard!
Jersey & Fresno passed of old age within a day of one another
in March of 2023.
GramGram wasn't a rat... she was a syrian hamster! I adopted her from an ex-Amish family through Craigslist (it was... an experience) and had been kept in a tiny cage where their children handled her very roughly. She was given a 40 gallon tank once I got her and it took several long months for her to accept treats directly. She was supposedly two or three years old when I adopted her in 2021 and she passed in early 2023.

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